The Perks Of Being A Wallflower aka the book that destroyed me emotionally


Author : Stephen Chbosky
Rating : 5/5

I have recently reread The Perks Of Being A Wallflower over winter break and let me tell you, this book will never not be great. It is about a boy who writes anonymous letters to someone who he was told would help. The boy gives everyone in his letters fake names including himself (his fake name is Charlie) to keep the reader from figuring out who he is. The letters are written throughout his first year of high school, telling the reader of both his up and down moments, his adventures, and his friends.

This book is a literal roller coaster from start to finish. It makes you want to curl up and hug Charlie and tell him that everything will be okay because thats what you really want to happen. The characters are funny, passionate and just have an overall real feel to them. It’s like you could identify each one of them in your friend group. There’s Patrick who is so funny and goes through so much but makes everything seem okay. There’s Sam who is still trying to find herself. She is someone who has faced so much and deserves someone who will love her for her. And let us not forget about Charlie. I think Charlie’s character is so raw and lovable. Throughout the novel you start to feel for him. You desperately want him to do certain things and then to not do certain things. He is a wallflower. You get to see him watch as things go by, to wait and always put others before himself. He is such a pure character.


The plot of this book mainly revolves around Charlie’s freshman year but as you continue on certain things become more obvious. You start to wonder about Aunt Helen and why Charlie is the way he is, what the big secret is between them. It is that she sexually assaulted him (multiple times). This story covers important topics. It shows how sometimes people may not believe/ remember that they were sexually assaulted but that does not change the fact that they were. It also talks about domestic violence. Charlie’s sister, Candice was hit by her boyfriend, which caused her to actually want to be with him after seeing him “stand up for himself”. Charlie sees and although he promises not to tell their parents, he tells his English teacher who tells his parents. They set up a meeting with Candice’s boyfriend and get them to stop seeing each other (they still did in secret). Lastly this books talks about acceptance for children who are part of the LGBTQ community. Patrick (one of Charlie’s friends) is gay and is hooking up with the star of the football team, Brad. At first their relationship started with drunk hook ups but slowly Brad stopped getting drunk and in a way came to terms with his sexuality. The only problem is that he wasn’t out yet, very few people knew of his hook ups with Patrick and trust me his father was not one of them. When his father did find out about them, he beat him up, which killed me because no parent should beat their child at all, especially over something like their sexuality.

This book was so well written and talked about so many issues that are still happening today. It leaves you changed. Following Charlie on his path, through all the hardships and the bright sides. Watching him feel infinite and the way he grows as a character. I think that this book deserves all the praise in the world. It doesn’t romanticize any of the important topics it covers, it tells them how it is. Watching the characters change and Charlie break down. Through the drugs and the crying. I think it is one of the perfect books to read before entering high school because it shows the realness of things. It shows the fights and the tough times. You may not get an English teacher as cool as Charlie’s but it really is an amazing book. If you haven’t read it already I really suggest that you do because you won’t regret it (hopefully).




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