The Raven Boys Are Great Boys

Title : The Raven Boys
Author: Maggie Stiefvater
Rating: 3.5/5

I have actually been done this book for a while but was debating on posting a review. I was unsure if I wanted to do one big review for the entire series like I did for Percy Jackson but I just bought “The Sun Is Also A Star” so I figured I may as well review the first book now.

The story follows a girl named Blue who is the only non-psychic in a family full of psychics. Her talent however, is that she enhances the powers of others. Ever since she was a girl, Blue was told that if she kisses her true love, he will die. The problem is, this is the year she meets him, though they have larger problems than true loves kiss.

Honestly, I was not expecting to actually like this book. My friend read it in middle school and wasn’t too into it but I completely fell in love with it. The book is written in third person however, each chapter follows a different character. At first, you don’t really think much of all the characters but as the story progresses you actually start to develop strong feelings towards them. They all have this outer shell of who they pretend to be and throughout the novel you see it chipping away.
This is most evident in Gansey’s character. Gansey pretends to be calm and cool at all times, he is constantly hiding his emotions. He realizes he has privilege and doesn’t have to worry about money but is still constantly trying to be sensitive around others who aren’t like that (they don’t really see it though). He is insensitive at times and uses words that are not commonly used in every day conversations (which some find degrading). Despite that, Gansey really does try to be nice to everyone. He doesn’t like the fact that he is similar to his dad and is always trying to prove he isn’t some spoiled rich kid. I think he really just wants his friends to like him.
Adam also has a very hard shell throughout the book. He is constantly trying to prove that he is okay, even though he is struggling. He thinks everything is charity and feels the need to work for everything he has. His character can be annoying and irrational at times, but he really is enjoyable.
Ronan isn’t really touched upon as thoroughly as the other characters, all we know is he is very stoic and there is clearly something that is bothering him. He has his sly remarks and he is kind of an asshole but i’m pretty sure he is one of those sweethearts that pretend to be really terrible.
Blue is an amazing character. She fits with the Raven Boys like they have all been friends for years. She is also a very complex character and you can tell that she sometimes feels left out with her family. Blue will stand up for what she believes in and will tell a boy off if he disrespects her. She takes no bullshit!


Okay but can we talk about the fact that Noah has been dead for 7 years and they never actually noticed. I mean how do you not figure out that you have been talking to a ghost for over a year? What tripped me up even more is the fact that it was their teacher who killed him ! How do you not feel remorse for sacrificing your best friend. Like I knew he must of done something bad because of how Blue’s family reacted at the reading but killing someone? And the fact that that someone was Noah? I had to put the book down at that point.
Lets also talk about how Adam was being super irrational by going by himself to try and wake up the ley line. I understand that he was angry and sad but waking up the ley line? Especially because he did it without Ronan, Gansey, Blue, or Noah. I was so scared he was going to die, especially because Whelk was there and he nearly killed Gansey before that.
Lastly, the fact that Noah was being abused and Ronan knows that a secret killed his dad. This book has so many plot twists and it just gets you thinking a lot. I hope in the second book we get more information on Ronan because I feel like this novel was foreshadowing it. If Dream Thieves isn’t about Ronan, I’m going to be so upset!